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Barrel-shaped (barrel-shaped) CVSTOS CHRONO II - INVADERS PIRATE watch case is both dynamic and bold. The first Franck Muller and Richard Mille helped promote this shape in contemporary watches, and the Cvstos for Challenge Chrono series incorporated aesthetics into their own brand image. Yes, you can claim that in some ways, Cvstos are mixing their own unique concepts with tried and true themes. Maybe creativity is not the strength of this watch series. On the contrary, I think Cvstos bring a pleasant blend of the existing popular elements that they assemble in a relatively interesting and coherent timeline series. I feel very good in Cvstos Challenge Chrono II. This carbon material has a relatively light shell and looks very cool. I have a watch on my wrist and it feels like a bad egg. Nevertheless, I can't always read time easily. The first readability problem is the rich dome sapphire crystal. I'm sure there's an AR coating somewhere, but the pure curvature of the crystal means a lot of glare.

Second, the view of the open swiss replica watches dial itself with its moving parts looks neat, but this design style often prevents identifying things like keys, such as hands and hour marks. I would say that, fortunately, Cvstos contain large areas of white light on hand and hour markers. In addition, the chronometer pointer outlines in red and provides additional small areas of light. This provides a contrast to most of the black and dark colors of the rest of the face. So readability is not that bad, but it has to make some sacrifices for style. I think Cvstos will benefit greatly from seeing improved applications of antireflective coatings in their crystals.

It is well known that Cvstos are inspired by the world of racing and soar in such designs. The real attraction of this watch lies in people's appreciation of modern high-performance machines. Cvstos and its favorite brands want people to see their watches when they watch supercar engines. It's not always like that, but that's the idea. Look at Cvstos Challenge Chrono II and you'll see a lot of car inspiration from the design of propellers to power storage indicators. I think Cvstos has found a good balance between traditional clock design elements and elements inspired by the automotive world. They don't make the design too tacky - that happens all the time. In addition to the carbon mixture, the case of Cvstos Challenge Chrono II is made of black coated steel. Other versions of luxury of watches use other materials, such as titanium and gold.

The bottom cover and push rod are made of steel. The screw in the carbon fiber case and its overall shape are very interesting and well designed, but considering the material's texture, you need to carefully examine the case for details. Cvstos Challenge Chrono II is a modified Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic timer core, which Cvstos calls 577. The major version of 7750 will not be available in Cvstos Challenge. It is a power reserve indicator located near the date of about 3 o'clock. With the addition of power reserve indicators, the 7750 layout is very compact, but I will not call it congestion. Cvstos has done an admirable job of providing a more or less symmetrical, balanced and comprehensible complete dial. You will like or hate the careful application of date windows. Through the back of Cvstos Challenge Chrono II, you will find a Sapphire Crystal Exhibition Window with a lightly decorated wick. The decoration here is a dark treatment on some moving parts, as well as customized automatic rotors. Strangely, neither the case nor CVSTOS's website has any information about the waterproof level of the timer. I infer that this means that it should not see water outside of rainy days or sinks for hand washing.

The Cvstos Challenge Chrono II watch with a bright red rubber strap is the last element of its bold design. I think you can choose something black, but it will bring some fun. Watches like this are clearly intended to be displayed and displayed. By wearing them in a more cautious way, you will miss this point. Moreover, these are not affordable prices, and when you combine luxury pricing with a visually confident look, it becomes a time to show off.