Is Shutterbug Magazine Closing?

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Is Shutterbug Magazine Closing?

Сообщение crowek » 19 июл 2018, 10:59


Does anyone know if Shutterbug is closing? A couple of months ago I renewed my subscription for 3 years. Then in the current issue they said that Shutterbug was just purchased by a company in England. And that instead of 12 issue a year, it will be 6 issues a year. I contacted customer support and asked if I would get 3 years of the magazine (18 issues), or six years for the 36 issues I paid for. They said they had no record of my renewal. I sent them a copy of my renewal confirmation email, and that was the last I heard from them for a week and a half. Then today, I received a full refund for my renewal.
Are they closing, or do they want me to renew again? It's hard to say when they don't tell you one way of the other.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.